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Business Evaluation

You may need a business valuation from one of our professionals at SNELL CPA if you’re anticipating:


If you intend to expand your business and desire to request funding to do so, it would be beneficial for you to obtain a professional business valuation to present to the financial institution you meet with. Financial institutions will use your business valuation to make an informed lending decision. 


If you intend to bring in a new partner or member into your business then you need to access and show them the true value of your business. Having a professional business evaluation will definitely come in handy.


If you're about to make life-changing decisions such as retirement, then you would need a business evaluation to know the value of your business at such time.

Being Prepared

Wewant to ensure that your family and partners welfare are well taken care of during the sale or dissolution of the business, then an updated business evaluation will be necessary.